Time Lapse

Rare View Photography is a creator of high quality cinematic time lapse video for advertising, promotion, film and television.

Time Lapse sequences are commissioned individually to exactly meet your production requirements. Quotes can be given and will vary depending on your desired level of involvement. This can range from simple commissions to full involvement in the creative process and production meetings. Please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

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Cinematic Time Lapse is a fairly unique field requiring specialised equipment and techniques. It is not just video that has been slowed as this generally results in very poor quality. True Time Lapse uses specifically shot individual camera frames sequenced to create a high quality 4k or 8k flicker free sequence. An example is the flower sequence here shot over 5 days. You’ll also improve your knowledge and photographic skills in a relaxed environment with my guidance and coaching. With quality accommodation and food, an itinerary specifically for photographers and some of the most awe inspiring locations in the world, my tours will raise your ability and more importantly , your spirits.

Time Lapse is certainly not restricted to the studio. In fact it really comes to life capturing nature sequences that your eye just can’t perceive over time.

Finally it all comes together when you add music, audio and stills and create a full presentation.