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Experience awe-inspiring landscapes and master the art of capturing breathtaking scenes with our Astro Landscape courses.

Astro Landscape COURSES

In normal photography, you capture the image and then process for the best results. In astro photography, it’s a bit the reverse. You usually need to decide before hand what image you want (standard, blended, star trail, lighting) and capture accordingly so that you can put it together in post processing. Therefore post processing comes first, then capture what you need to make the post processing possible.

My courses are therefore structured differently to most where we start with an afternoon of introduction and post processing training.  We head out to a great location and spend the night teaching you how to capture the images you need for that post processing and get that stunning result. 

We kick off around 1 pm in Sunbury discussing the post processing techniques for single images and star trails. We then move onto the equipment and accessories you need, the camera settings you should use and composition and focusing techniques.

After a tea or coffee and a bite to eat, we then head out to one or more destinations to actually capture the images. I have secured several stunning and unique locations around Tooborac, Nula Vale, Pyalong and Metcalfe, all about an hour north of Melbourne. You can either self drive or ride with me from Sunbury. While there we put your new found knowledge to use and I show you how to achieve what we have discussed earlier in the day. We finish when we finish and you head home for a sleep with your course notes and images. You can put them together at your leisure and I am more than happy to help later if you have any questions or issues with post production. You will be learning a lot on the day so I understand if some things don’t stick.

Once you have your final favourite image, email it to me and I’ll turn it into an A3 size print for you to keep. 

The cost of each course is $375 and includes

  • Full tuition for the afternoon and evening

  • Course notes from the days seasons

  • Post course assistance with your post processing

  • An A3 size print of your favourite capture from the night

If you would like to participate in a course, please select the appropriate course date and book and pay below. A full refund or postponement is available at your discretion should the course be delayed due to poor weather.

Special Event Workshops

I am proud to say the 2023 Lake Tyrrell weekend of Astro and Landscape photography has been run and won! It was a hugely successful weekend with 17 guests and perfect weather. 

A huge thank you to Sony for making their full range of Alpha Cameras and Lenses available for test and use over the entire weekend and to Camera House for supplying $500 worth of printing at their printing lab to one lucky guest.

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Astro Landscape Workshop

A special thankyou to Julie Powel for attending my Lake Tyrrell Astro Photography weekend and writing this great article for her regular feature at