Landscape and Astro Photographer

Hi!  My name is Levin Barrett. I started many years ago, about as far from photography as you could imagine, as an aircraft engineer. After 20 years I decided to fly them rather than fix them and re-educated myself to become a pilot. I am now a Captain with a major Australian airline and fly both domestically and internationally.

Through all of this I have had a passion for photography starting with an Olympus OM1 back in 1980 and had my own black and white darkroom. I drifted away from photography during my busy stage of life but 18 years ago I got back into it and have just gone nuts with photography since them.

My Skills

I enjoy all forms of photography but have a very keen interest in landscape, seascape, astro and time lapse photography. I am a member and previous Vice President of a local large camera club in Melbourne and have participated in their competitions since joining 10 years ago.

I have participated in and received many awards in both domestic and international competitions including 3 gold, 2 silver and a bronze medal at international level in 2020. I have earned an Associate level within the Australian Photographic Society, the governing body for Australian competition, achieving over 100 acceptances and over 5 awards in competition. I was also recently awarded 2 Highly Commended’s at the Australian Photography Magazine’s Photographer of the Year. I am particularly proud of the Landscape Commendation as this is based on a cohesive series of 4 images that create a theme. A month later I also placed in the top 30 of the Wilderness Photographer of the Year competition.  I am currently completing a Diploma of Photography and hope to finish in the next 12 months..

I have experience in writing and delivering training and have been a ground instructor on A320, A330 and B787 aircraft to pilots for 12 years. I was the lead ground instructor on the B787 and wrote a significant amount of the courseware. Therefore training is in my blood and I have the experience and skills to pass concepts and technical skills onto anyone. As the saying goes, those who can do – those who understand teach!

Levin Barrett


How do you currently take a photo?

  • Do you go to a place in the HOPE of getting a good photo
  • If you happen to find a great scene, do you know how to get the best from that scene? Have you captured the best composition? Are your camera settings and lens suitable for that scene?
  •  Great photographic locations are rarely on the standard tourist route. How do you get there, where do you stay? Can I even get food there?

I can take you to unique and special locations where you can get the killer shot. I can give you the training, guidance and encouragement so that you can be proficient in your capture techniques. I won’t stand there and tell you to use this shutter speed and that aperture, but I will educate you so that YOU can make those decisions with confidence YOURSELF. 

And at the end of the day, a heart warming meal and a comfy bed!

I provide a well organised training workshop or tour to unique and memorable locations. I will leave you with far more photographic knowledge and practical experience at a cost that is value for money.