Tasmania East Coast and Lakes Tour Daily Update 2


Day 2 – 28/03/2022

Tessellated Pavement

Freycinet Peninsular

Day 2 was up early for a dawn shoot. The tessellated Pavement is definitely more suitable for dawn and although we were a bit clouded out, it still proved to be an awesome location. Around 4 am there was a planetary alignment of Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon but it was unfortunately 100% cloud cover so we went back to bed. In the pre dawn, however, the cloud cleared and the alignment was still there but just very high in the sky. Here you can still see the moon and Venus. The others are washed out by the dawn light.

As the sun came up, the location showed it’s magic and we captured some great images with the water washing over the tessellated rocks.

Sunrise/Sunset images can be quite challenging to take due to the very high dynamic range or change in brightness within the image. One way to achieve this is with the use graduated filter which basically darken the sky only so it is closer to the brightness of the foreground. In this case I also used a neutral density filter which darkens the entire image so I can extend the shutter speed and get the lovely smooth or silky water look.

We headed up to the Freycinet Peninsular in the afternoon but the weather turned very inclement so didn’t spend much time there, choosing to continue to our overnight in Bicheno.

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