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Offering immersive Astro Landscape Courses and Photography Tours with award winning, professional tuition and guidance in stunning locations

Welcome to Rare View Photography. I am based in Melbourne in the state of Victoria, Australia. I have been a very keen amateur photographer for over a decade but recently decided to share my knowledge and experience by commencing courses and photographic tours in order to share the love of photography and the wonderful and amazing adventures I have had with this craft.


Astro Photography is a relatively specialised genre of photography that requires specific knowledge and techniques. It’s not necessarily more difficult but does require a different approach than other forms of photography. The reward is a mix of artistic composition blended with technical expertise to produce very unique and stunning images.

My astro images have won gold medals and awards both nationally and internationally and I am more than happy to pass on those skills to you. To achieve this my courses start with an afternoon of post processing training so that we can go out that night and capture the needed images to achieve your dream photo.


I Specialise in small group tours and training workshops designed to give enjoyable travel and educational experiences to photographers at impressive and unique locations. You’ll improve your knowledge and photographic skills in a relaxed environment with my guidance and coaching. Unlike standard tourism tours, each Rare View tour is specifically designed for photographers to be at the right place at the right time to capture the best light. With quality accommodation and food, and some of the most awe inspiring locations in the world, my tours will raise your photographic ability and more importantly , your spirits.


"Rare View Photography gives you the trip of a life time and a wealth of knowledge."

Time Lapse

Cinematic Time Lapse is a fairly unique field requiring specialised equipment and techniques. It is not just video that has been slowed as this generally results in very poor quality. True Time Lapse uses specifically shot individual camera frames sequenced to create a high quality 4k or 8k flicker free sequence. An example is the flower sequence here shot over 5 days.

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